Get ready to Excel

The Shannons Nationals is privileged to have Series X3 Queensland competing at Queensland Raceway next weekend.

This is the first time the entry-level category has been part of the Shannons Nationals’ schedule, with the series set to bring a large field of Hyundai X3 Excels.

The series is known as an official ‘CAMS State Series’ and was also the first CAMS-recognised circuit racing Excel series in Australia.

Series X3 Queensland was originally formed in 2012, with the intention of establishing a budget-entry level category thanks to the growth of Hyundai Excel X3 race cars in the country.

The racing product provides a cost-effective form of motor sport, and has been known to be a breeding-ground for those new to circuit racing.

As well as new racers, the series also attracts young karters and motor sport veterans wanting to get involved in a low-cost category.

Strictly controlled regulations also make-up the category’s close racing, with the emphasis on a driver’s race craft and car setup—it’s not about horsepower or spending dollars to make it go faster.

Not only do Excels compete at circuit events, but more than often will be spotted at open race meetings, Supersprints and Hill Climbs. CAMS Circuit Excel racing competitors are now able to compete at events across the country, and the series is recognised as one of the fastest-growing categories in Australia.

The Shannons Nationals heads to Queensland Raceway next weekend, across 4-6 August.