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A new breed of drivers will be given their chance to shine at Sydney Motorsport Park, with CAMS teaming up with Motum Simulation to host the Shannons Nationals first ever Esports round.

As part of the final Shannons Nationals round for 2018 in September, Motum Simulation will provide a number of its industry-leading full motion, professional racing simulators complete with VR technology to the country’s best online racers, with qualifying open to all.

The winner of the event will get a chance to show off their real world skills, with a test day in a CAMS PAYCE Australian Formula 4 car.

Shannons Nationals Director Michael Smith said the introduction of Esports to the Shannons Nationals was a game changer.

“We’re really excited to be working with the team at Motum Simulation to have Esports officially on the Shannons Nationals card on 21-23 September,” Smith said.

“Online racing is serious business and something that is giving many young people a chance to show off their driving skills from the comfort of their own home, particularly when you have access to simulators like Motum’s, which are fully immersive.

“We are also planning on showing the final race between the top three of the weekend on the Shannons live stream on Sunday to give everyone a chance to see how this newest addition to the Shannons Nationals unfolds.”

Motum Simulation Managing Director Steve Hoinville said the event would draw a lot of interest among the Esports community.

“There are more and more people embracing online racing and it’s a very competitive world,” Hoinville said.

“We’re excited to see Shannons Nationals host such an event on the national stage, highlighting that Esports is a growing and evolving industry that has huge potential around the world. It furthers Motum’s latest program to meld the two worlds of motor racing, the virtual and the physical, that we launched last December at Etihad Stadium with the hugely popular inaugural VSR Showdown.”

“As CAMS official simulation partner, we are thrilled to be working with them to ensure a successful debut at the Shannons Nationals.”

The upcoming Shannons Nationals round this weekend at Winton will also feature Motum’s MP6VR Simulator, for fans to test the latest in simulator technology. Motum Simulation will also be showcasing their wares at the Esports Open in Melbourne on the same weekend. More information can be found at www.motumsimulation.com.

Anyone interested in taking part in this ground-breaking event can head to www.virtualsimracing.com.au to register their details and be updated with the latest info for this event.

How it will work

Qualifying will take place on Friday 22 September at Sydney Motorsport Park at Round 6 of the Shannons Nationals
Qualifying sessions can be booked online, more information shortly via speedseries.com.au and www.virtualsimracing.com.au
Competitors will also have the opportunity to qualify online prior to the Shannons Nationals event – the top online racers will be fast tracked into the Saturday and Sunday finals
The event will be CAMS sanctioned and have its own Race Director, regulations and driver briefings to ensure a professional environment for all competitors
The top three racers across the weekend will make the final race on Sunday shown on the Shannons Nationals live stream, with the event also being streamed on the iRacing Esports Network.
Competitors to use iRacing software to qualify and race
Competitors will pay a small entry fee to take part ($30 payable at Sydney Motorsport Park on the day)

The equipment

Motum’s MP6-VR simulators are full motion, professional racing simulators with VR headsets
6DOF (Degrees of Freedom) for the most accurate, multi-axis motion experience
The MP6 simulator has an incredible motion envelope of up to:
+/- 30 degrees of pitch and roll
45 degrees of yaw in either direction
400mm lateral and longitudinal travel
380mm vertical travel.
Fully adjustable steering wheel and pedals, plus surround sound system to provide the driver real world audio and feedback alongside the motion to provide most realistic and fully immersive experience available on the market today.