Moments: Tander becomes first female to win Gold Star

A lot has happened in more than 10 years of Shannons Nationals competition, and in two weeks at Phillip Island the Nationals will be celebrating its 100th round.

Thanks to Richard Craill and Garry O’Brien, we have been able to list the key moments that have happened at Shannons Nationals rounds over the last decade.

Leanne Tander becomes the first female to win a Gold Star race, Phillip Island 2007

When Leanne Tander took the flag to win her first Formula 3 race in the early stages of the 2007 Australian Formula 3 Championship season, it was history in the making.

Not only was she the first female driver to win in the category, but also she was the first female to win in the 51-year history of the Gold Star and the first to do so in Formula 3.

For Leanne it was merely another step towards challenging for the championshipโ€”but it was a special moment for everyone watching, and it created headlines everywhere.