Moments: Dean Randle’s incredible rollover

A lot has happened in more than 10 years of Shannons Nationals competition, and in two weeks at Phillip Island the Nationals will be celebrating its 100th round.

Thanks to Richard Craill and Garry O’Brien, we have been able to list the key moments that have happened at Shannons Nationals rounds over the last decade.

Dean Randle’s incredible rollover and helmet throw, Phillip Island 2006

Perhaps the most iconic moment in Nationals history occurred at the third round, in May 2006.

Dean Randle’s extraordinary rollover, after contact with Daniel Tamasi’s Holden Calibra, exiting the Turn 4 Hairpin continues to be replayed to this day.

Dean escaped unscathed from the incredible crash, though the same cannot be said for his helmet, which was pitched at full noise towards an unsuspecting Tamasi soon after both had clambered from their wrecked cars.