Production Series join Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships in 2021

The MRF Tyres Australian Production Car Series has announced its plans for 2021, with the category confirming its 2021 season will feature as part of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships next year.

While the dates and locations for the season are yet to be confirmed, the hiatus in motorsport has allowed the category to make a major change to its format, which will see switch from its traditional endurance races and to more sprint-based racing from 2021 and beyond.

Category manager Ontic Sports are behind the series’ return to the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championship, with APC General Manager Troy Williams revealing now was the perfect opportunity to tweak the category’s format.

“Amidst all of the uncertainty and bad news of 2020, we are excited to be able to say that we are full steam ahead with our planning for the 2021 MRF Tyres Australian Production Cars season with Motorsport Australia,” Williams, said.

“Given that we have been required to pivot to Sprint format events for the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships programme, we are now also taking the opportunity to investigate other sprint format possibilities…

“All in all, 2021 is looking like a fantastic year ahead for the MRF Tyres APC and its competitors, with some very exciting events and opportunities coming up. I look forward to being able to share further details of our 2021 season when they become available.”

After just holding the one standalone round back in March at Sydney Motorsport Park, the category has been unable to continue its 2020 season with border restrictions restricting movement across the nation. Though Williams remains optimistic that should an opportunity for track time become available in 2020, the series will aim to be there.

“Because of this, we regretfully announce that we have been forced to concede that in 2020, no MRF Tyres APC Championship will be awarded as we will not be able to meet the minimum requirements for a [series] under our sporting regulations.

“However, this does not necessarily mean that all opportunities for racing for our competitors this year are lost.

“We know that Motorsport Australia and the management of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships are together working extremely hard to create opportunities for racing in late 2020.

“If such an opportunity with Motorsport Australia/Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships does arise and our competitors are not prohibited by border closures and quarantine requirements from attending, we can assure you we will be looking to take advantage of that opportunity with a non-championship event.”