Naguib on track for The Bend

After his spectacular crash during the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships round at Sydney Motorsport Park, GC Marine Australian Prototype Series driver Michael Naguib is targeting his return for The Bend Motorsport Park.

The South Australian’s big crash made headlines during the race meeting when his car became airborne before rolling multiple times.

Thankfully Naguib was unharmed, however the car was severely damaged.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing lockdowns, Naguib has had to put the car’s recovery on hold for the moment but will begin assessing the damage in the coming weeks.

With the Australian Prototype Series season having just one round to date, the round at The Bend in October remains Naguib’s target.

“Our first plan is to see if we can fix it. We are not sure exactly what needs to be fixed and I am a little bit scared of what to expect if I am honest,” Naguib said.

“It was a pretty serious accident and the only way it could have been worse is if I was hurt, but it’s nothing money can’t fix. Although I will need a lot of it, I think.

“The fact that Mark (Short) and Philip (Andrawos) were able to replace the car’s engine with a motorbike engine and get me on track after it initially blew up was almost a fairy tale but it ended it a nightmare when I destroyed it again.

“Realistically my return will be The Bend. Being in South Australia will make it easier and it’s just a matter of what testing we can do and if we can get it out on the track before.

“We had a brief look at it while we were at Sydney. We know there is significant damage at the front. If that’s all the structural damage there is then that will be okay, but if there is more to the rear, we may be in trouble.

“If the car is not repairable, we will sit down and work out what the next plan of attack is and whether I have to buy a new car – if that happens, then The Bend is no longer viable and we may look to a fresh start to 2022.”

It’s been a year and a half of ups and downs for Naguib, who started the 2020 season on a high after winning the series’ first round at Sydney Motorsport Park before COVID-19 saw the 2020 season cancelled.

Heading into the first round at Sydney Motorsport Park earlier this year, Naguib was full of confidence and hopeful of repeating his efforts from last year.

However, that was short-lived when his engine exploded during practice one – his team eventually getting him back on track for practice three, which only lasted two laps when Naguib crashed and forced the session to be red flagged.

“There hasn’t been much of a season this year. It would be great to get out on track but unfortunately, I have been unable to do anything,” Naguib added.

“It’s been a rollercoaster for two years, but moments like the start of this year is what makes the good times even better.

“In last year’s round, everything went right which was awesome. This year, it was the complete opposite. But that’s motorsport and that’s why we love it.

“Not having any rounds has worked in my favour a little bit, but I would rather there be no lockdowns and we could have racing – even if I couldn’t compete. I am just super keen to return and hope the borders open soon.”

Naguib is hopeful to make the GC Marine Australian Prototypes Series Round at The Bend Motorsport, which is part of the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships round there on 15-17 October.

Photo: Speed Shots Photography