Mothers and daughters working together

The Bend Motorsport Park was home to two mothers and their daughters at the first round of the Shannons Nationals, as they all worked together during the circuit’s debut.

CAMS officials Janelle Orrock and her daughter Em de Longte worked in the administration, with Bronwen Williamson and her daughter Chloe joining them for the event.

Orrock said they were both excited to be part of the first ever motor sport event at The Bend and said it was such an exciting opportunity for them.

“It is a great privilege for us to have this amazing facility and be part of motor sport history, as a CAMS official there are exciting times ahead,” Orrock said.

“We enjoy working together and as a Mum I am proud to see Emily succeed in her motor sport ventures.”

Chloe Williamson enjoyed her time at The Bend and said her Mum was her inspiration in becoming a CAMS official.

“It’s an exciting time to be a CAMS official in South Australia, especially getting to know a brand new track and all the challenges that come with it… it’s certainly one we didn’t want to miss,” Chloe said.

“Seeing my Mum working in Race Control at Mallala or trying to spot the back of her head on TV when they’d show Race Control at the Adelaide 500 [was my inspiration in becoming an official]. She’d play with her ponytail if she knew she was on camera… it was her way of waving to me on TV.”

Bronwen who works in Race Control while her daughter helps in administration added that each and every one of them are focused on their own individual jobs.

“At the track, when we’re both working, we are busy and are focused on our own roles… but it’s nice to see each other throughout the day and share a smile or a quick chat,” Bronwen said.

“I’ve also been able to watch Chloe’s confidence grow as she becomes familiar with her role.

“Janelle has taken Chloe under her wing in the Secretary’s Office and our officiating family has welcomed her into the fold.”

The Shannons Nationals would like to wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, especially those competing and officiating at Sandown today.