GRM continue work on S5000 development

After a highly successful launch at Sydney Motorsport Park in November last year, the new S5000 has undergone some developmental changes thanks to the work of Garry Rogers Motorsport (GRM).

Since the car’s last major public appearance at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in December, the Victorian based team have made some key changes to the car including modifications to the cooling system, the exhaust system and the finalisation of the suspension and brake package.

The new changes will be implemented on four new S5000 tubs that recently arrived in Melbourne from the USA, with a dedicated crew from GRM to work on the new tubs before the next batch arrive.

With 14 cars ordered, GRM owner Barry Rogers is confident the changes will have a positive impact on the car as interest in the category continues to build.

“We’ve had the first car for some time now and we’ve been doing a considerable amount of testing, alterations and modifications to get to the next stage,” Rogers said.

“The first batch of four tubs have arrived from Onroak, so we will assemble these chassis, implementing the developments that we have made to the original car, and then go to build the remaining tubs when they arrive from the USA.

“Interest in the category has been enormous. We get calls daily about when we will have these cars ready for sale and we’re finalising the project plans now.

“Everyone relates back to the old Formula 5000 days. Well, this is a much safer and modern version of that great racing category of that era.”

Based on the French-designed Onroak-Ligier carbon-fibre chassis, the S5000 is a unique Australian concept and showcases the ability of Australian motor sport engineering.

Outside of the required FIA-approved safety cell, the car is completely engineered and built on Australian soil in the hopes of bringing top-line single-seater motor sport back down under.

Following the ongoing works done by GRM, S5000 Category Manager Chris Lambden was excited for the new changes and to get the category started.

“While it may seem like things have been a bit quiet over recent weeks, there’s been heaps going on behind the scenes, especially at GRM,” said Chris Lambden.

“Garry’s crew have been flat out getting themselves set up for the arrival of this first batch of chassis, and it’s pretty exciting to see the ‘production line’ taking shape.

“Getting anything as new and big as this off the ground is a big enough challenge when you can simply go out and buy the respective cars – in this case we’re manufacturing them. It’s a huge undertaking and a great boost for the local motorsport industry and suppliers.

“The refinements that have come from the initial running and testing of the car are all logical and will contribute to what we are confident will be an exciting, solid package.”

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