Champions Chat: Harri Jones

2019 ended up being a thrilling season for the Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge, as Harri Jones came away with a final round series win over Aaron Love and Max Vidau.
Following on from his victory, the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships caught up with the winner about his victory and 2020 plans.

Harri, winning a big series like the Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge must have been a good feeling?
HJ: It was awesome. It was something that we were working towards from the day that we joined McElrea Racing. For it to all pay off was fantastic. It’s rare to get a series win in Australia and in a category like this one where there is great competition. It was definitely something to be proud of.

With the guys piling on the pressure all season, was it special to win in dramatic circumstances?
HJ: It certainly makes it more special. I love having pressure on myself and making myself perform well at that level. Having it come down to the wire was also very rewarding and pretty nerve wracking but once it was all over, it was an amazing feeling.

Outside of winning the title at The Bend, were there any other memorable highlights?
HJ: I would have to say the highlight was the Queensland Raceway round. It’s a home track for the team and myself so it was great to get two wins and the round win there. I think another big highlight was the Phillip Island round where I was involved with some of the best racing in my life. Every lap was wheel to wheel and there was plenty of door banging. That sort of stuff is what we race for.

What about bad moments?
HJ: There wasn’t many of them to be honest. We had a really good year. I guess there were a couple of sessions in qualifying I didn’t really maximise and was a bit hard on myself, but it wasn’t really too bad, all in all. It’s hard to find lowlights when you win the season.

Anyone you would like to thank?
HJ: My team McElrea Racing. I couldn’t really have done it without them. They were really important. Also my other sponsors Heli Mods, Mackellar Mining, Classic and Race Storage, Fluid Performance and My Food Culture. They all contributed to me going racing and helped me do what I love.

What about this year?
HJ: I’ll be moving into the Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup. I decided to make the step up so hopefully it will be good.

It would be a pretty exciting feeling being promoted to the Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup?
HJ: I am loving the transition to Carrera Cup. I have Cooper Murray in my team here, so it’s a good benchmark to work off. We are slowly getting there but there are obviously little things still to work on. I am just excited to get in amongst a new category and take on more competition.