Champions Chat: Cameron Beller

The Shannons Nationals caught up with this year’s Porsche 944 Challenge winner Cameron Beller, who won an extremely tight battle with Jamie Westaway.

Shannons Nationals: How did it feel to win the Porsche 944 Challenge for the third time in a row?

Cameron Beller: While a few other drivers have achieved the category hat-trick before, it’s still great achievement and I am very happy to have won three in a row. Winning consecutive titles is really good feat and hopefully we can add a fourth next year.

Despite taking the title, I am more interested in really clean and close racing which is what I had with Jamie all year, it was a really nice year of racing.

SN: It must have been a big party following the big title win.

CB: Our celebrations weren’t actually anything special to be honest, of course we had a bit of a cheer after the victory but we had one last driving session on the island after which was cool.

It’s my third year in a row taking out the title actually so we just did a normal sort of thing and had a bit of a day of low key celebrating with my old man which was good.

SN: Was there one particular on-track moment from this year, which was your favourite?

CB: The highlight of 2018 would have probably had to be the round at Tailem Bend, because competing on a brand new circuit and learning a new track is great fun.

It was as a good experience driving on the long flowing track, so that would probably be the highlight this year – We are really looking forward to doing something like that next season.

Another highlight was the Shannons Nationals’ round because we had three different types of formats that included a reverse grid and a handicap race.

SN: It wasn’t all good news throughout the year though, what was the worst moment of the season for you?

CB: The state round at Winton was definitely our worst moment for the year. I put the car into the wall before one of the races actually started because it was a wet weekend. That sort of stuffed me up for the remainder of the season because I put myself on the back foot for the rest of the year, which made it difficult to secure the title.

SN: Anyone you would like to thank?

CB: I would like to thank for my dad, Andy Bellar, for sure. He has done everything for me and the car during the past three years, his hard work has paid off with our three titles.

I would also like to thank my mum as well and the rest of my family, we’re a real racing family so we all go to the track together and everyone supports me, which I am grateful for.

SN: Now that you have won three in a row, what are the plans for this year?

CB: My plans for next year are the same. I want compete in the 944 Challenge again as we said we would be going for four in a row. I also want to focus on a couple of my other guys and customers, try and get them as close up the front which would be really good to see.