Aussie Driver Search begin TCR hunt

Aussie Driver Search (ADS) have announced their intentions to enter TCR Australia in 2019 with an ambitious plan of competing with five cars.

The team, which runs a talent-search like program with a variety of prize-pools, have been discussing different options with car makers and race car builders about purchasing the TCR-specific cars in readiness for the inaugural season next year.

If successful, ADS will then look at leasing the cars to prospective drivers or accept new drivers into the team, should they meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

Interested drivers who are looking to lease the car will have different options to get behind the wheel of an ADS car, with price options starting from $27,500 per round and $252,500 per season.

With ADS being the first team to release the costings for prospective drivers to compete in the new hot hatch touring car formula, Director and Founder Kyle Austin was excited about getting the ball rolling.

“We are ready to lock in drivers and get our TCR Australia team underway,” Austin said.

“We are in discussions with a number of local manufacturers as well as international TCR car builders to source the best-possible deal for our team and drivers.

“Not many teams will publicly publish the costs of going motor racing, but we like to do things a little different. We like to be up front, honest and deliver the best possible product for our drivers through our professionally run team and top-level engineers/mechanics.

“The TCR category is really appealing to our team as it fills a hole in the market for a low cost premier series. The cars are extremely user-friendly, exciting to drive and great for driver development. We are really excited to announce further news on this.”

While ADS are planning on entering five cars into th new category, they are now looking to find four interested drivers to drive them after committing one car to SuperUtes Champion Ryal Harris.

Harris, who will also act as the senior judge for the 2019 program, was thrilled about the opportunity to get a seat in TCR Australia.

“When TCR confirmed it was coming to Australia, it was something that got my attention straight away,” said Ryal Harris.

“I’m committed to the SuperUtes Series next year, but Aussie Driver Search will back me to enter TCR Australia, assuming that the ADS team can get the right deals in place.

“Kyle is very committed to getting some cars out for TCR Australia, and when he says he is doing something, it happens so I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.”

It is expected to be a busy year for Aussie Driver Search with the ambitious team also planning to compete in other categories on top of TCR Australia, such s Super2, Super3, Australian GT and Toyota 86 Racing Series.

TCR Australia will begin their historic first season at Sydney Motorsport Park as part of the Shannons Nationals on 17-19 May, 2019.



$27,500 per round running costs

$60,000 per year to lease the car

$252,500 per season to lease a car and run an arrive and drive deal with Aussie Driver Search. A $60,000 deposit is required for the car lease and then the remaining budget can be split up into monthly payments of $16,041.