Trans Am top five drivers

Ranking the top five Trans Am Series drivers was a near impossibility: The field is so damn good this year it’d be hard to stop at ten, let alone half that.

We’ve looked for standout performers in these rankings, drivers who have taken a step up or those who might not have had the results delivered so far yet clearly have the pace to deliver it.

Honorable Mentions: Ben Grice, Tom Hayman.

Ben Grice is going to have success here some day soon, it seems inevitable. His long road back from the Symmons shunt was a tough one, but since then he’s clearly had the speed to challenge at the front every time he hits the track. Hayman, meanwhile, has been super consistent in his points scoring ability and has crept up the leaderboard is if by stealth.

5.Owen Kelly

It’s been a rough start to the season for OK, but when he’s on, he’s still as good as anyone. Luck has been lacking for Kelly this season however you get the feeling that a big weekend isn’t that far away for the Ford Mustang driver.

4.Nash Morris

Missed the opening round but was a certainty for this list from the moment he strung together that Phillip Island weekend. His battle with James Moffat will be the race of the year – at least, it will take some beating – and it represented a huge step forward for the Queenslander in terms of pace, race craft and success. Huge.

3. Edan Thornborrow

The best surname in Trans Am racing has taken a big step forward this season, lifting his performances from mid pack to the front on more occasion than one. His position on the standings probably doesn’t represent his real performances this season which have him on the short list as next ‘first time winner’ in Trans Am competition.

2. Lochie Dalton

Lochie Dalton feels like he’s been around for a while, and yet at the same time ,he’s absolutely the find of the year so far. His performance at Winton, against such a strong field, was remarkable and as a result, he’s now only nine points behind James Moffat for the series lead and if you’re doing that, clearly you’re going okay. If Dalton can string together another round or two like that, he’s going to be hard to beat for the title this year.

1. James Moffat

A few rough seasons in an uncompetitive car were tough on James Moffat, which is what makes this year so good – it’s a reminder of how capable he really is when he’s given machinery equal to those around him. While he’s not been unchallenged in a Nathan Herne kind of way, Moff has been the benchmark for speed this season and you know that he’s going to be a factor in every race he starts. Will have a fight on to claim the title this year, however remains favourite heading into the second half of the year.