Champions Chat: Broc Feeney

The Kumho Tyre Australian V8 Touring Car Series (previously known as Super3 in 2019) may have only had one round in the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships last season, but it ended up being an instant classic as Broc Feeney secured the title at Sandown Raceway.

After battling hard all year, Feeney revealed to the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships his version of the title victory.

It was an epic season fight between runner-up Jayden Ojeda and yourself. How did it feel to win after an intense final round?
It was incredible really. Didn’t have many words to say after that weekend to be honest. We dreamed of walking away as a champion at the start of the year and it ended up coming through. It was a very busy year with tight racing throughout the whole season. To come away on top over fierce competition was amazing,

With Jayden winning three rounds, did you ever doubt you would come away with it in the final round?
Jayden won a lot of the rounds, but I felt I was more consistent and that showed at the end of the year. He won rounds by a couple of points over me and he might have gotten away with it but my goal was just to be consistent and that’s what we did. At the end of the day, it’s a five round series and I was there to win the whole series and not focus on round wins. So I was never really in doubt I would say.

Was it consistency that won you title then?
As a racer I put to my mind that I wanted to win the series. I did everything I could to do. I never thought I wanted to come second, I wanted to win the whole year. I made sure that I did that, and it was through consistency.

We finished 12 out of the 15 races on the podium, so it’s a credit to the team who gave me a consistent car and backed me. I must say I really had a great year.

Speaking of having a great year, were there any moments that stuck out for you?
I was so happy all year, so putting down one particular highlight is quite hard to do. There was a lot throughout the year, but I would have to say the Phillip Island round because I was involved in an incident at the start. I had to come into the pits, and the team quickly changed the tyres and cleaned the car. I got back on track in 20th and worked my way throughout the race to finish sixth.

If we wouldn’t have gone out on the lead lap, or have something else go wrong, that’s the series that you lose. So that race was both my best and worst moment, as it was possibly my lowest result for the year but still a massive effort to get it.

Anyone you would like to thank?
Paul Morris Motorsport and his whole crew. A few sponsors who came on board like Timeshare Now, Five Star Development and Norwell Motorplex. There was a lot of people behind me actually. The members that supported me, and my mum and dad who were the real backbone for me. Everyone was involved, which is what made the win so great.

What are your plans in 2020?
I’ve stepped up to Super2 with Tickford Racing and I feel that’s the perfect place for me to continue. I feel like I’m on the right path going from Super3 to Super2, so hopefully that can continue towards Supercars. I am also racing in the Bathurst 12 Hour, which is exciting. There is a lot of stuff going on for me at the moment. I am just looking forward to going racing and getting out on track for the season opener in Adelaide next month.